B&B Ariosto Cagliari - two steps away the city

Cagliari and its historic center

The historic center of Cagliari is on the top of one of the seven hills of the city.

Known as “Castello”, it is easily reachable from the B & B Ariosto also on foot, where it is possible to take a walk along the shopping streets of Cagliari

The Castello area, from which the Sardinian name derives (Casteddu) is a fortification 200 meters high. The view from the bastions is breathtakingly beautiful. Castello area is full of streets that are articulated on various levels. Here, in a street near the main square of you can admire the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and Santa Cecilia, one of the seven churches of Cagliari, built in the thirteenth century during the Pisan domination. The chirch is next to the Palazzo Regio, built almost in the same period, which was the residence of the viceroys regents on the island since the Pisan period and then during the Aragonese and Piemontese period.

Near Palazzo Regio stands the small “Ghetto of Cagliari”, which offers an incredible view of the western side of the city. The one commonly known as “Ghetto degli Ebrei” is the complex of buildings of the barracks of the 1700s Dragons of Sardinia.  

Visiting the historic center of Cagliari in the “Castello district” is a pleasure in every season during your stay at the B & B Ariosto.